A data driven approach to reporting

InsightHub has been designed from the ground up to compile, visualise and democratise industry leading insights for charitable organisations looking to boost supporter engagement and maximise return on fundraising activities, providing the detailed level of understanding your organisation needs to thrive.

Unique in a crowded analysis environment and unlike traditional, offline reporting methods, InsightHub for charities leverages Wood for Trees’ market leading data model alongside Microsoft’s formidable Power BI toolset to deliver impactful insights where they’re needed most, providing you with a unique advantage in a hugely competitive marketplace.

What our clients are saying

“InsightHub helped propel us forward in terms of data maturity from basic operational reports to a place where we have access to a wealth of self-service dashboards utilised by our income generation team.

We’ve implemented all possible dashboard bundles and have even added our own bespoke reports to the tool to improve our data-driven decision making. The format and visualisation of the data makes it easy to access, navigate and extract insights.

Another thing that sets this tool apart is the benchmarking functionality it offers, which is often hard to come by and inconsistent as categorisation differs from charity to charity. With InsightHub, comparisons are like-for-like and, as more charities adopt the tool, all current participating charities benefit.

As we’ve built up the analysis function of the data team over the last 18 months it’s given us the kick-start we needed and enabled us to concentrate on other reporting priorities so we can grow the function and the benefit it has to the organisation.”


  • Instant and secure online access to our suite of industry-leading reports
  • Measure your performance against the sector using Wood for Trees’ proprietary benchmarks
  • Seamlessly share insight across your organisation with full access control
  • Continuous deployment of new reports and features to stay ahead of the analysis curve
  • Understand your supporters
  • Make empowered and informed strategic decisions
  • Maximise return on fundraising and campaign activity
  • Integrate predictive modelling with comprehensive analysis
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InsightHub overview


Know your data, know your supporters

Whilst most organisations collect and store countless gigabytes of customer and transactional data, few have taken the necessary steps to unlock its full potential. InsightHub will extract core data from your systems, and transform it into crucial, actionable insight. Our industry-leading reports make it easy to identify key trends and measure vital supporter activity, enabling your teams to make better informed decisions.



Add value through transparency

Adopt InsightHub and wave goodbye to the days of data and resource silos. Seamlessly share all reports and insight across your entire organisation with comprehensive and secure access controls. Remove data processing bottlenecks and provide the right teams with the right information to get the job done.



See where you stand

With numerous clients across many sectors, Wood for Trees has the unique advantage of a widespread understanding of charity data and industry performance. InsightHub leverages this advantage to compile and provide your organisation with comprehensive benchmarks, allowing you to measure your performance in real-time against industry averages across our entire reporting suite.


Plan for the future

Wood for Trees offers the unique combination of predictive modelling and actionable insights with our InsightHub Predict suite of models. Gain access to our ever-growing list of machine learning models that overlay with insight tools to give a 360-degree perspective on the future of your supporter base

InsightHub bookmarks

Using InsightHub for charities

In order to ensure you get the most relevant insights for your specific fundraising needs, we’ve broken down the reports into bitesize bundles.

Start with the overview bundle and then bolt on whichever extras you need. Additional bundles can be added at any time. And whenever we release a new report into your existing bundles, you’ll instantly be granted access at no additional cost.

Each of these bundles will soon have comprehensive benchmarks. Currently, you’ll receive the overview bundle benchmarks when signing up to InsightHub, with more to follow soon.

Finally, we also offer the ability to gain access to the benchmarks without signing up for the full bundle cost. Get in touch to find out more here.

  • Overview – A high level view of supporter demographics and fundraising activity
  • Supporter trends – Track the size and health of your supporter base across different cohorts
  • Income trends – Measure income performance by stream compared to budget and previous performance
  • Lifetime value – Measure and compare the lifetime value of cohorts across your supporter base
  • Regular giving – Monitor the monthly attrition and retention trends of your regular giving file
  • Cross-sell – Understand how your supporters donate across your fundraising estate
  • Acquisition – Track and explore the size and cost of your acquisition programmes
  • Supporter value – Explore how your supporters move across value bands verses the previous period
  • Mid/high value – Quickly assess the giving habits and potential of your most valuable supporters
  • Campaign – Review and assess the performance of your marketing campaign activities
  • Email – Review and assess the performance of your email campaign activities
  • Legacy – Understand the behaviours and status of your legacy supporters
  • Legacy journey – Track how legacy supporters have progressed through specific milestones
  • Mid-Value Migration – Identify mid-value prospects and track their journey to higher levels of giving

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