The InsightHub for charities legacy bundle equips your legacy team with the specific metrics and measures they need to both manage and drive forward your legacy donor programme

The legacy bundle consists of:

  • Legacy – Understand the behaviours and status of your legacy supporters
  • Legacy journey – Track how legacy supporters have progressed through specific milestones
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Legacy report

Legacy pipeline

Trace your legacy donors throughout their tenure as a supporter to determine exactly how they progressed to their current status.

Legacy profile

This page presents an overall picture of the demographic makeup of your legacy supporters, viewed by either journey, stage or status.

Legacy location

Gain a deeper understanding of the geographic location of your legacy supporters against the overall profile of your supporters.

Legacy realisation

This report page provides a view of how your pledgers and legators are realised over time and can be viewed by both supporters and income.

Legacy journey

Journey overview

Track the journey of legacy supporters through predefined milestones. Where did they enter and where are they now?

Journey detail

Track the progress of various supporter cohorts throughout their legacy journey.

Journey activities

Examine how campaign activity has impacted on legacy journey status across your supporter base.


See which campaigns funnelled supporters into the legacy pipeline and how they have since progressed to pledgers and legators.



In-memory summary

This report provides an in-depth view of your in-memory program and how your supporters are interacting with it.

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