At Wood for Trees, we understand charities and the not-for-profit sector

So, whilst we pride ourselves on high-quality data and insight skills, we feel that the real value of these skills is supercharged by the knowledge and experience our team have in working with charity data.

We understand the challenges fundraisers face and know how to use data to give them the answers they need. This all starts with a good grounding and full understanding of your data and supporter landscape.

At a glance

  • State of the nation audit reports to provide the foundational building blocks to your data strategy
  • Holistic views of your fundraising programme to provide contextualised data insights for action and optimisation
  • Comprehensive supporter profiles to understand your audience and discover new gaps and opportunities
  • Data strategy roadmaps to determine how to get the best use out of your valuable data assets

Foundation audit

We learnt a long time ago that to see around corners you have to stand in unusual places. Our established approach to data discovery when working with a new client starts with a foundation audit. This helps us get into the detail of the data, strategy, processes and systems in place. Through this process we make sense of your data and unlock its potential.

We spend time with the key stakeholders to understand their business objectives and how this maps to the data they have and what they require from it.

We then conduct an audit of available data sources to check on the quality and quantity of data, but also start to reveal the key insights that can be gained from the data with respect to the requirements discussed. We investigate areas like behaviour patterns, retention/acquisition trends, profiling and demographic segmentation of supporters to understand existing data.

This provides a ‘state of the nation’ report on your supporter database, as well as a roadmap for developing further insights.


Data strategy

From the fundamentals of the foundation audit we will work with you to understand how you can extract maximum benefit from your data assets. We will help you understand what data you have (and what else you might need) and help you democratise that data across the organisation to facilitate better decision making.

This may involve supporting you with further analytics, providing you with our proprietary suite of dashboards (to put key information into the hands of your decision makers) or helping you implement marketing automation such as the Apteco Marketing Suite. We can also provide consultancy and mentoring your own in-house teams to supercharge their skills and abilities to deliver key projects.

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