How does ClearCore work?

ClearCore specialises in customer data, locations and addresses, consent management and events. Data errors and duplicate records are identified and cleansed. Data is then matched from all systems using evidence, which allows the identification of edge matches that can often get missed.

Any inconsistencies between matched records, including formatting differences, can be standardised, which ensures records are complete and reliable. Built-in rules enable rapid deployment and detailed audit trails keep a record of all changes to data, to support compliance and accountability.

ClearCore benefits

  • Supports compliance with data governance and GDPR
  • Reduces business costs through efficiency and automation
  • Provides a solid data foundation required for data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives
  • Encourages a more positive customer experience
  • Aids in the identification of fraud and identity theft

ClearCore features

  • Automatic MDM: With ClearCore, data management is ‘hands-off’. All data can be cleansed and managed largely automatically
  • Evidence based matching: Records are matched using powerful evidence-based matching rules. Any ambiguous matches that require evaluation can be flagged for review
  • Third-party data: To give a more robust single customer view (SCV), third-party data can used to suppress or enrich existing internal data
  • Scalable solution: ClearCore technology offers a scalable solution. It’s able to process hundreds of millions of records daily
  • Real-time updates: Updates to data can be done in batch or real-time, ensuring accuracy. Any discrepancies between internal and external data can also be highlighted in real-time — especially important for customer data changes
  • Audit trail: Changes made to data due to cleansing or records being matched are recorded in a detailed audit trail, ensuring transparency

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