Data engineering is at the core of everything we do here at Wood for Trees

We are able to handle a wide range of data types, structures and sources. We prepare, manipulate and aggregate your data to fit into our standard CCDM (Core Charity Data Model) framework into which our Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Apteco Consultants, together with our SaaS solution InsightHub, can plug-in and extract the valuable information contained within.

The data engineering team here at Wood for Trees has a great blend of youth and experience. We are constantly learning and adapting to new technologies that help overcome some age-old data problems.

From the initial ingestion of your supporter data, we audit for data quality using industry suppression files, deduplication and data enhancement techniques.

With these results as our foundation, we report our findings to our Data Analysts and suggest areas for improvement.

Data engineering at a glance

  • Core Charity Data Model (CCDM)
  • Data consolidation, aggregation and distribution
  • Data warehouses and data lakes
  • Automated data processing using SSIS and ADF
  • Single supporter views (SSVs) across your organisation
  • CRM integration (including Salesforce)

Core Charity Data Model (CCDM)

The CCDM (Core Charity Data Model) is the ‘core’ of the products and service we deliver. Taking you raw CRM data we prepare, manipulate and aggregate the key information to fit into our standard CCDM (Core Charity Data Model) framework allowing our Analysts, Data Scientists, Insight Hub reporting and FastStats consultants to plug-in and extract the key insights and actions which will drive your fundraising.

Once the framework is in place, we then build the pipelines to automate your data refreshes ensuring timely reporting and decision making information is always up to date and available.

Bespoke Data Services

Good data management ensures your data is in the right shape for analysts and data scientists to discover insights, and your campaign management team to communicate effectively

Our charity clients hold a lot of data, about their supporters, their beneficiaries and other business activities and we anticipate data volumes are only going to increase.

Implementing a data management structure will put in place a solid foundation to ensure your organisation can cope with the increasing digitalisation of the charity sector, and that your organisation does not get left behind. This can also ensure your data is in a useful and usable condition if you wish to delve into for insights.

If you have multiple data sources and core systems holding duplicate data, or your teams lack experience with third party data or modelling tools get in touch with our team of data experts.

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