Our Operating Principles

These are the ten operating principles that guide our work, making Wood for Trees unique. They are what differentiates us from other suppliers and agencies in the data analytics field. It is vital that we weave these principles into our DNA as we develop our business for the future.

1. We are data storytellers

From initial scoping through in depth analysis to delivering profound insights, we seek out and illuminate the narrative threads that will matter most to the client. We tell data stories in an engaging, relevant and jargon-free way, because we want clients to listen, be enthralled by what we have to tell them and take action.

2. We excel in the charity and not-for-profit sectors

This is where we have made our reputation, told our most successful stories and satisfied our clients. It’s not to say we don’t work in other sectors – we do – but we recognise that this is where we excel and where there is still much potential for us to develop.

3. We champion data

We know the power that data has to transform and improve performance, but only if it is properly understood. We make data usable and useful. We make it a priority to present insights clearly and concisely. We know the importance of creating a data culture within an organisation and the skills required to do so.

4. We are curious…

We make time to explore and understand our clients’ data and the way it fits into their organisation and its strategic goals. Our curiosity may drive us to challenge preconceptions, but where we do, our challenge will always be informed and appropriate.

5. We love innovation

The same curiosity keeps us up to date with the latest innovations, concepts and technologies. We appraise what is useful and what is not, and use our new knowledge to develop our solutions and guide our clients.

6. An inspiration and a friend to clients

In the same way that a friendship is nurtured through loyalty, inspiration and positivity, we conduct ourselves so that clients enjoy our company and appreciate our interaction, recommending us to other clients, colleagues and friends. We don’t let them down.

7. We embrace an ‘execution culture’ (in other words, we get stuff done)

Everything we do, we learn from. Our experience feeds our working processes and creates new efficiencies within the business. We support each other to share and implement learnings across the company so that we deliver excellent work, right, and first time.

8. We are data custodians

Data is the starting point for all our work, and from each client’s point of view, it’s the most important thing they entrust to us. We understand the importance of our clients data governance as much as our own. From the smallest data selection to the largest data warehouse that we build. Everything we do, and the processes and systems that we use, must underline to the client that we recognise and appreciate our status as their trusted partner.

9. We are committed team builders

We employ people who are the best for the job and the best fit with Wood for Trees. We (the company, its staff and associates) expect the best; in return we are committed to developing careers and pathways that give each individual the best prospects and opportunities.

10. An open and honest culture

Some of the greatest ideas looked daft at first sight. No-one in Wood for Trees should be afraid to speak up, whether with suggestions, proposals or objections. They will always be heard and acted upon where appropriate. We treat our colleagues, associates and clients alike with respect and empathy.

Our Culture Principles

Three cultural principles are the fundamental mantras that inform everything we do, whether in relation to clients, suppliers or each other. They are the foundation from which to deliver our ten operating principles.

  • DO THE RIGHT THING Act with integrity and care, empower our teams and colleagues, share information openly, be open to other perspectives and learning, take responsibility
  • THINK BIGGER Stretch further, imagine what’s possible, go the extra mile, trust your gut, bring passion and a can-do spirit
  • GET INVOLVED Pull together, raise your hand, find a way and enjoy the adventure

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