The Apteco Marketing Suite is a highly regarded data exploration and visualisation solution, providing a go-anywhere passport to analysis and marketing insight alongside campaign automation

The Apteco Marketing Suite enables your organisation to deliver every supporter the personalised experience they deserve, providing a more engaged interaction and improved supporter experience, as well as unlocking the ability to share your stories with a wider audience.

With Wood for Trees you can be confident that you’ll be getting the most out of the Apteco Marketing Suite. We have decades of experience working with the platform going back to 1998, and have implemented solutions across a wide range of sectors. Awarded Apteco Partner of the Year 2019, we build and support solutions both hosted and client side which provide users with unprecedented access to their data. Working closely with Apteco, we ensure that users within all our client organisations are fully supported and that their feedback has the opportunity to increase the capabilities and functionality of the suite through future development.

Apteco Marketing Suite enables you to:

  • Interact with your data through an easy to use, drag and drop interface, following your natural train of thought
  • Understand customer and prospect behaviour with speedy analysis of large datasets
  • Build powerful visualisations for immediate insight using in-built tools, whether tactical ad-hoc analysis or ongoing strategic reporting
  • Fine tune your campaign audience targeting through the creation and deployment of behavioural models
  • Manage campaigns more effectively, with rapid and automated access to the latest campaign status
  • Produce workflows to govern anything from simple one-off mailings to full scale lights out omni-channel, multi-stage, personalised communications
  • Create and share information to all stakeholders across the organisation via browser-based reporting and dashboards
  • Empower marketing teams to build audience definitions directly from visualisations, providing confidence in data requests and reducing the effort to produce campaign briefs
  • Benefit from automatic data refresh, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is always available


Simple yet powerful for users of all levels

Using the tools and features of FastStats, you’ll be able to visualise your data like never before whilst creating supporter segmentations, bespoke data analysis outputs, targeted best next offers and detailed campaign audiences alongside the ability to drill right down into the granular detail of the underlying data.


Give every prospect and supporter the personalised experience they demand.

PeopleStage is where the insights gleaned from FastStats are turned into communicative action. Potentially complex campaigns are managed centrally, targeted at the right people using the right channels to get your messages out at the right time and ensure a more engaging interaction.

PeopleStage can give you optimised marketing, using automated triggers to achieve near real-time communications to your supporters. Campaigns are easy to build and automate, with the ability to template frequently used elements for fast and efficient re-use.

The high level of personalisation for each supporter across all channels sets PeopleStage apart from other martech, and the automated nature of campaigns helps improve marketing efficiency across your organisation.


Online access to your data, insights, and campaigns for everyone who needs it

Orbit allows your insight and campaign data to be shared between all stakeholders, marketing, and analysis teams, whether they are licensed FastStats users or not.

This brings data analysis, insight and campaign results to life for all the stakeholders in your organisation.

Orbit makes sharing insights and campaign reports simple in a visual online format. This helps inform strategic decision making and empowers marketing teams to maximise the impact of every campaign.

Adding Orbit to your Apteco Marketing Suite gives you interactive dashboards, the ability for anyone to monitor campaign progress easily and engaging reports.

Reports are updated automatically so you know you are always working with the latest available data.

Apteco Marketing Suite Benefits

  • Drag and drop interface for ease of use
  • Train of thought analysis through powerful visualisations
  • In built modelling capabilities and extensions to R
  • Easy, repeatable campaign management
  • Omni-channel, multi-stage, personalised communications
  • Easy integration with your ESP, website, Facebook and more
  • Near real-time automation and tigger marketing
  • Browser-based reporting and dashboards

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