The InsightHub Predict bundle gives your mid-value team the tools they need to both manage and grow your mid-value donor pool.

The Predict bundle consists of:

  • Mid-Value Migration – Identify mid-value prospects and track their journey to higher levels of giving
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Mid Value Migration Preview

Mid-Value Migration Preview

Get a quick overview of your modelling results.  A table and graph show the distribution of supporters in each score band, and details about their giving history.  The helpful sidebar specifies how many supporters were scored by the model, the income from those donors, their average lifetime value, and reminds you the giving threshold set for mid-value status.

Mid-Value Migration Explore

Discover the waiting insights Mid-Value Migration can bring to your team.  This page allows you to break down model score bands by recruitment product/channel, contactability, geography, and more.  Once you have identified the donors you wish to delve into further or send an appeal to, the handy table of supporter IDs and scores can be exported and used elsewhere.

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