The InsightHub for charities overview bundle provides a top level view of your supporter base, with the ability to drill down into detailed analysis of your customer and income trends

The overview bundle consists of:

  • Overview – A high level view of supporter demographics and fundraising activity
  • Supporter trends – Track the size and health of your supporter base across different cohorts
  • Income trends – Measure income performance by stream compared to budget and previous performance
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Overview report


Here you’ll find the top level overview of your supporter base including some of the most important KPIs for managing day-to-day activities.


Take a deep dive into how supporter recruitment is tracking across your products and channels. Here we focus only on those supporters who have made a financial contribution and the data can be broken down to quarterly levels.


Similarly to recruitment, take a closer look at how income is tracking across your products and channels. The data can be broken down to quarterly levels.


Gain a deeper understanding of the consents provided by different cohorts of your supporter base, split across a variety of dimensions including; Product, Channel, Recruitment Year, Age Band, Financial status and many more.

Supporter profiles

Here, we apply SONAR data to your supporter base to provide some key details about their geodemographic makeup. See what groups your supporters fall into to truly understand who you’re talking to.


Understand the distribution of your supporter base and how specific geodemographic groups fit into this. Are your supporters concentrated in certain hotspots or evenly spread across your territories?

Supporter trends report

Supporter trends timeline

Assess the size and health of your supporter base, focusing on churn and new count levels. Track across multiple time periods including yearly, quarterly and monthly to fully get to grips with changes and trends across the base.

Supporter product trends

Dive even deeper in your supporter volume changes to understand which products drive which activity. Focus your team and resources on the right trends to secure acquisition and retention channels.

Income trends report

Income trends

Explore income trends against previous periods to fully understand their performance. Dig deeper into product and channel levels to see which are driving the most activity or need more focus. The charts can be switched between full period and period to date. This report also has the ability to track performance against budget. An additional filter set can be added depending on business requirements.

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