The InsightHub for Charities Supporter Engagement bundle enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your supporter activity in relation to engagement, retention and cross-sell

The Supporter Engagement bundle consists of:

  • Lifetime Value – Measure and compare the lifetime value of cohorts across your customer base
  • Regular Giving – Monitor the monthly attrition and retention trends of your regular giving file
  • Cross-Sell – Understand how your supporters donate across your fundraising estate
  • Acquisition – Track and explore the size and cost of your acquisition programmes
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Lifetime Value Report


Track the lifetime value of donors to gain a comprehensive understanding of Product, Channel and Campaign effectiveness throughout the lifespan of a supporter. Quickly identify points where value drops, or which acquisition channels aren’t fully realising the desired ROI

Cohort Explorer

Enhanced insights on supporter lifetime value by cohort with the ability to measure against; file size, cumulative LTV, retention, income and transactions.

Cohort Comparison

Track and compare all available lifetime value cohort metrics to identify best performing areas and those which need additional attention.

Regular Giving Report

Regular Giving

Track the performance of your regular giving supports to better understand their behaviours as well as the retention and churn of this channel

Regular Giving Comparison

Dive even deeper into understanding your regular giving supporters to fully track retention rates across a whole field of cohorts and filters

Cross Sell Report


Explore supporter donation journeys to see which products and channels drive the most cross sell activity. Use this data to gain a deeper understanding of supporter behaviour and shape your journeys to drive additional donor activity and engagement.

Cross Sell Detail

Dig even deeper into your cross sell activity to fully understand how well your organisation is using cross sell opportunities to increase ROI from donors.



This massively powerful report serves as your control centre for tracking all supporter acquisitions. Examine by recruits or income to understand exactly how your acquisition channels are performing in relation to previous periods and filter by channel or product to see exactly what needs your focus. All metrics can be tracked against budget.

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