Let’s talk KPIs

How solid are the insights driving your fundraising strategies?

How do you provide meaningful, impactful and actionable insight that everyone can understand?

How do you ensure you’re measuring the right data points and tracking the right activity?

What’s everyone else in the sector doing?

Are you able to get the information you want, when you need it, or do you dread firing off the next request?

Trust, transparency, consistency and understanding

InsightHub leverages Wood for Trees’ vast knowledge base and experience of best practice to collect, categorise, standardise and make available your most important data, in a consistent, convenient and hassle-free way. Giving you access to sector leading insights and information, allowing you to focus on making decisions and optimising your activities.

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Flexible strategies, fixed measurables

Ensure your performance is consistently interpreted across your organisation. Track these measures through time and reflect back on them in a consistent manner.

When it comes to strategic planning, nothing is more crucial than having reliable, consistent data to base your decisions on. Far too often, teams will come to differing conclusions on an issue, simply because they’re interpreting the same data in different ways. Or time elapses and data is measured in ways that lead to conflicting and changing decisions.

InsightHub standardises your data, transforms it into actionable insight and shares the outputs across your entire organisation to ensure everyone’s on the same page, reducing your reliance on resource bottlenecks and ensuring business continuity regardless of change.


Visibility empowers growth

A problem shared becomes a problem solved. For too long, mission critical data has been siloed within certain teams and departments, often leading to a tunnel vision approach to problem solving. It’s a cliché, but sometimes ‘thinking outside the box’ is the best way to approach a challenge.

InsightHub enables you to democratise data and insight across your entire organisation, looping in teams previously side-lined on such issues.

Found an interesting nuance in the data? Quickly create a bookmark and share that view with your team.

Compiling monthly management reports? Give your team access to a live, bespoke dashboard containing your most important KPIs.

InsightHub not only provides the data, but most importantly, a mechanism to share and collaborate on it.


Your data, our experience

Anyone can build a report, many can build a report that’s useful to a team, but very few are capable of building something your whole organisation can use and gain value from. Wood for Trees specialises in bespoke reporting for charitable organisations, and we’ve taken over 15 years of learning to build our comprehensive suite of InsightHub reports, standardising existing workflows and creating dashboards that cut straight to the key deliverables. Start at a high-level studying KPIs and dive deeper into their makeup to fully understand what’s driving supporter behaviour. Level the playing field across the sector and make sure you’re focused on what really matters.

Good quality data is synonymous with success, but with the multitudes of sources and formats being collected and stored, how do you ensure you’re operating on reliable, clean outputs?

See how InsightHub could help your organisation and get a feel for the type of data and insight we provide by downloading a copy of our State of the Sector Report 2022.

Compiled from live, aggregated platform data, these benchmarks show how the not-for-profit sector has fared over the last year.

Read on for an in-depth view of each report offered on the platform click on each bundle to learn more.

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  • Overview – A high level view of supporter demographics and fundraising activity
  • Supporter trends – Track the size and health of your supporter base across different cohorts
  • Income trends – Measure income performance by stream compared to budget and previous performance
  • Lifetime value – Measure and compare the lifetime value of cohorts across your supporter base
  • Regular giving – Monitor the monthly attrition and retention trends of your regular giving file
  • Cross-sell – Understand how your supporters donate across your fundraising estate
  • Acquisition – Track and explore the size and cost of your acquisition programmes
  • Supporter value – Explore how your supporters move across value bands verses the previous period
  • Mid/high value – Quickly assess the giving habits and potential of your most valuable supporters
  • Campaign – Review and assess the performance of your marketing campaign activities
  • Email – Review and assess the performance of your email campaign activities
  • Legacy – Understand the behaviours and status of your legacy supporters
  • Legacy journey – Track how legacy supporters have progressed through specific milestones

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