Wood for Trees solution nominated in Reimagining Fundraising Global Innovation Challenge 2022

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Wood for Trees’ innovative high value donor identification algorithm, which forms part of the new InsightHub Predict machine learning and propensity modelling tool, has been nominated in the final shortlist by a group of world leading NGOs judging the Reimagining Fundraising Global Innovation Challenge 2022.

Wood for Trees Managing Director, Jon Kelly, has been invited to present the solution in front of over 600 delegates, and hundreds more online, at the Reimagining Fundraising Festival, which takes place at the International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands on Wednesday 19th October 2022, ahead of the final award selection.

What is Reimagining Fundraising?

Reimagining Fundraising is a global innovation challenge, set up by a group of leading NGOs in 2020. Each year, NGOs put forward the challenges they face in raising funds to build the long-term solutions they need to achieve their overall objectives, whether that’s providing humanitarian aid or protecting the environment.

Organisations able to offer support, in the form of an innovative product, service or both, are invited to submit a proposal, which are then all evaluated by the group and whittled down to a few nominees ahead of selecting the overall winner. The winner is awarded seed funding to pilot the solution with the most appropriate NGO.

This year’s participating international NGOs include:

Wood for Trees’ high value donor identification algorithm, part of InsightHub Predict, has been selected as one of 17 nominees out of over 120 proposed solutions within the challenge this year. We’re also one of just three nominees invited to speak at the congress to showcase our solution.

Register here to watch the Reimagining Fundraising Festival live stream, where the full list of nominees will be announced.

What is InsightHub Predict?

InsightHub Predict is a new, core part of our InsightHub reporting and benchmarking platform, which has been built from 15 years’ experience supporting charities to improve their fundraising efficiency and performance.

We’ve taken this experience, combined with the latest advances in data science, to develop sophisticated algorithms which can go deeper to understanding donors, revealing their most likely interests and behaviours.

High value donor identification algorithms can use all the information we know about donors and their actions to take the guesswork out of finding their potential value. We’re not just looking at who’s given large amounts – by using machine learning models we can identify characteristics and patterns of behaviour most likely to lead on to high value giving.

Using these algorithms to rank and predict each supporter by their likelihood of becoming a high value donor enables not-for-profit organisations to quickly identify potential high value givers, to be able to nurture and engage them with the most appropriate supporter experience.

Using InsightHub Predict can save time, improve accuracy, increase engagement and, ultimately, drive further value for charitable organisations.

To learn more about InsightHub Predict email getinfo@woodfortrees.net or contact us here.