Wood for Trees presents at Memcom Conference 2022

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Wood for Trees is delighted to exhibit for the first time at the Memcom Conference, of which this year’s theme is ‘back on track?’, on Wednesday 29th June 2022. Not only are we sponsoring and attending the event, our MD Jon Kelly and Consultant Analyst Rob Dyer will also present a seminar to delegates on the day at 1.45pm-2.35pm to explain how data held in membership organisations can unlock the answer to the question – what do members want?

How many members an organisation has overall and a broad understanding of how many people engage with activities and events is often known by membership bodies and associations. But to understand your membership base at a deeper level, knowing who your members are and how they specifically engage with you is crucial to delivering the best value.

Even the most established organisations can struggle to obtain such an in-depth view of their stakeholders, but this data and insight should form a key part of building core objectives and strategies to ensure you get the most from your members and they get the best from you.

Much of the time, the data assets already held in an organisation contain a wealth of useful information about member activity. Looking at these analytics and trends will tell you where your members are gaining value and where they’re not. Identifying those most easily recruited and retained can reveal behaviours and attributes that differentiate them from the rest, so you can seek to target those with similar traits to grow your base.

In the session, Jon and Rob will share how data and insight can help membership organisations understand their members better and, more specifically, tell them who they are, and how and why they engage with membership programmes. They’ll share best practice, key tips and practical examples (including a brand-new case study of a deep dive into email engagement with Swim England). From this, delegates will gain an understanding of how these insights can help increase the value of members and drive organisational growth.

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