Wood for Trees has made it halfway around Ireland (virtually)!

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At the beginning of March (2022), the team at Wood for Trees began a virtual walk around Ireland in aid of Concern Worldwide’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Being split into four teams of seven, we’ve really stepped it up this year, after completing the Spanish pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago last March (read more here). So far, we’ve managed to rack up a total distance of 2,040km in just 11 days – that’s 2,943,772 steps!

Even with poor weather and Covid diagnoses setting us back, it only took us four days to hit 1m steps and 700km between us all. The early pacesetters in that time were Geoff, Lucy and Peter fighting for the top spot, walking 217,703 steps and covering 154km between them.

Team ‘Sham-rockers’ started leading the way with an impressive 306,657 steps, covering 211km, closely followed by ‘Good things come to those who walk’ with 300,940 steps and a distance of 210km. A sterling performance was initially put forward by ‘Psycho paths’, taking 229,735 steps and walking 160km in the first few days. However, some team members (Alex) were yet to set off the starting blocks in team ‘We don’t talk about Josh’ (174,032 steps/119km). In his defence, Alex was busy celebrating his 50th birthday!

Recent rainfall didn’t put people off storming about in their walking boots as by day eight we’d hit the 2m steps mark, just shy of covering 1,500km! And just two days later saw us edging closer to 3m steps…

‘Good things come to those who walk’ have now taken the lead, reaching over halfway round Ireland. ‘We don’t talk about Josh’ have had a rocket boost, covering one-third of the distance. Peter has maintained pace with a mighty 194,644 steps and 147km, continuing to fight it out at the top spot with Lucy, who’s arguably completed more steps (212,360) to cover 146km. Rob and Geoff are consistently putting in the effort for ‘Sham-rockers’, completing 115km and 112km respectively so far. Stephen and Alex have moved up a whopping four places each to 24th and 11th respectively too!

Embarking from Carrick-a-Rede, we’ve surpassed capitals Belfast and Dublin, with our current milestone being the beautiful Killarney National Park. We’ve even walked through the town where our Stephen was born and bred – Newry. En route, we’ve met many a cat and dog, viewed much scenic urban and countryside views the Southwest has to offer, with sunrises and sunsets aplenty as the days continue to get longer.

We’ve three milestones left until the finish line – the Cliffs of Moher, Clonmacnoise and Giant’s Causeway – where that oh so tasty and well-deserved pint of Guinness is in reach, when each team has walked a total of 729 miles.

Wood for Trees is donating £1 for every 10 miles covered by each team, up to the target 729 miles, to Concern Worldwide’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Please support us in any way you can towards our final push: