Measuring fundraising KPIs during the cost-of-living crisis

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Key performance indicators (KPIs), both financial and non-financial, are important to track. A good KPI should tell you something useful. KPIs report information needed to explain how a charity is performing towards its goals. Whether these goals are shared in an annual report or a management dashboard, KPIs represent the measures that matter.

However, KPIs are rarely used as well as they could be. Many fundraisers don’t always understand what their KPIs are telling them or why they’re being tracked. The best charity leaders at organisations that are mature in data use measure KPIs both strategically and tactically. They’re committed to quantification and the measures they use are directly aligned to their goals and plans for success.

But not all charities use key measures rigorously as a driver of change or to reflect their strategic priorities. Often, KPI reports are full of numbers that are, at best, not well understood and, at worst, meaningless.

Reporting for the sake of reporting is common. But surrounding oneself with KPI reports – while increasing the potential to act where necessary – can also make it difficult to see the wood for the trees…

And as we enter a cost-of-living crisis, the ability to measure and interpret data quickly is crucial for fundraising decision makers. Especially when the future and impact of the crisis on charity support is still unclear.

At 11am-12pm BST Wednesday 19th October 2022, join Wood for Trees’ Director of Analysis, Andrew Sargent, and Consultant Analyst, Rob Dyer, as they guide you through measuring fundraising KPIs during the cost-of-living crisis in a free, live webinar.

They’ll cover:
• Which fundraising KPIs to choose and how to go about selecting them
• Best practice reporting tips for fundraising KPIs
• Measuring fundraising KPIs during the cost-of-living crisis

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