How are donors coping with the cost-of-living crisis?

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DTV Group has conducted a YouGov survey with UK donors to find out how the cost-of-living crisis and Ukraine emergency has affected people’s giving so far this year. The survey results and insights will be revealed via a free, live webinar at 12pm Tuesday 19th July 2022.

Wood for Trees MD Jon Kelly will join the session to explain how charities have been adapting to the changing economic conditions. Plus, case studies from CARE International and Sightsavers will be shared.

This leads on from the survey report DTV Group published last year, which outlined the UK’s charitable giving behaviours during the pandemic. It highlighted that large numbers of donors preferred to give one-off donations during this time – read more here.

Since emerging from Covid-19 and national lockdowns, people have been facing rising living costs and a war on Ukraine. It’ll be interesting to learn how these challenging events are affecting the public’s willingness and ability to give.

The webinar will delve into key survey findings, with a closer inspection on understanding the most valuable donors – regular givers and one-off donors. Jon will share sector trends taken from our InsightHub charity benchmarking and reporting tool, to see where there are comparisons and correlations with the survey results.

In addition to highlighting case studies that will look at how charities have diversified their programmes to appeal to wider audiences during toughening market conditions, there will also be a Q&A session.

Register for the webinar here. Download our CARE International case study, ‘A strategic change to focus on cash donations’, here.

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