Two award-winning case studies from Wood for Trees

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We’d like to draw your attention to two recently-posted one page case-studies based on award-winning examples of Wood for Trees’ analytical work for charities.

Understanding Lifetime Value in One-to-One Fundraising demonstrates how LTV methodology can be extended to deliver vital fundraising insights with audiences beyond regular giving (which is where LTV is usually put to use). This project for The Children’s Society won the award for Most Powerful Use of Insight in One-to-One Fundraising at the 2018 IoF Insight in Fundraising Awards.

BHF Segmentation – Why it won the IoF’s ‘Most Powerful Use of Insight Using Research’ Award shows how one of the UK’s largest charities took a fresh look at its audience, re-defining them against the backdrop of a rapidly-changing world and applying them across the charity’s vast range of products, markets and activities, at all levels of operation.

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