Analysis & Insight

There is more data available to organisations than ever before. Wherever, and however, you are generating and storing data - we want to help you understand it


Insight You Can Act On

We tell data stories in an engaging and relevant way, because we want clients to listen and take action on what we have to tell them. Whether we are offering guidance to the organisations we work with, or taking on whole projects, our aims are always to ensure the analysis is aligned with the charity's goals and provides genuine insight.

Common problems faced by our clients

Who are my most valuable supporters?
Which of my programmes are performing best? 
How can I get timely reports for my KPIs
How can I engage my supporters better?
Where should I be investing my fundraising budget? 
Internal teams lack capacity to answer all our questions

Our Solutions

Whilst some of the challenges faced by charities can be unique, the majority are sector challenges which are faced by many or all of our clients. We utilise our sector knowledge and learnings in all of our solutions