Analysis & Insight

Organisations capture, store and process more data than ever before - we can help you make sense of it and use it to the best advantage


Insight You Can Act On

Whether we are providing guidance, or taking on an entire project, our aim is always to ensure the analysis is aligned with the charity's goals and provide genuine insight. That’s why we tell data stories that are engaging and relevant – because we want our clients to absorb and act on our findings to produce the best results.

Common problems faced by our clients

Who are our most valuable supporters?
Which of my programmes perform the best? 
How can we get timely reports for our KPIs
How should we engage our supporters more effectively?
Where must we invest the fundraising budget to maximise results? 
Our internal teams can't answer all our data questions, can you help?

Our Solutions

Some challenges faced by charities are unique, the majority are sector specific and faced by many, or all, of our clients. All our solutions demonstrate years of dedicated sector knowledge, learning and experience