Strategic Reporting

Wood for Trees develops dashboards and reporting tools for client organisations to streamline access to their data, enabling them to produce reports and analysis quickly and accurately at their desktops. Working with you we will help you define and measure your key trends and relationships in a consistent and repeatable way, leading to greater knowledge across the organisation and better decision making.

At WfT we have developed a suite of dashboards for our clients around key fundraising and engagement metrics. These have been built in collaboration with the organisations we work with to ensure they are presenting their most important information needs in an engaging and easy to consume manners. These reports can be linked directly to your CRM using our standardised scripts and data model and are made readily accessible to all users via our online portal, InsightHub, delivered by Power BI via Azure.

Examples of these reports include:

  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Regular Giving Attrition (RGA)
  • Performance KPIs and Supporter Monitors
  • Post Campaign Analysis
  • Supporter Journey Mapping
  • Fundraising Forecasting Tool

We also work with our clients to deliver bespoke reporting requirements and have key experts in a number of BI visualisation tools including Excel®, Tableau® and PowerBI®. These reports and dashboards have been linked to data from multiple sources including CRMs, data warehouses and online data.

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