Foundation Audit

Our journey generally starts with a Foundation Audit. This is a well-established approach for working with new organisations which helps get under the skin of data, strategy and provides a ‘state of the nation’ report on the state of your supporter database as well as a roadmap for developing further insights across the programme. We see this as the beginning of our relationship – by getting to know you and your data better the analysis and insight can be properly contextualised. It has formed the basis for all of our most successful client relationships

We first spend time with key stakeholders to understand their business objectives, how these map to the data they have and what they require from it. We then conduct an audit of available data sources to check on the quality and quantity of data, but also to start to reveal the key insights that can be gained from the data with respect to the requirements discussed.

The Foundation Audit investigates areas like behaviour patterns, retention/ acquisition trends, areas of cross selling, profiles and demographics of supporters to understand existing data. By looking at the significant facts we can help to make vital recommendations to use the data in a more constructive way to target supporters, which ultimately will drive income for your charity.

If you don’t know how good your data is or even what questions to ask of it, we recommend a Foundation Audit.

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