FastStats transforms campaign performance at CLIC Sargent

As with many charities, CLIC Sargent’s fundraising activity has utilised an increasing range of channels such as direct mail, telemarketing, text and email. They all require effective analysis and reporting systems to be successful and to drive strategic development – which was proving a challenge for the charity’s Data team.

The Problem

Despite improvements in internal systems and analysis strategies, the Fundraising team at CLIC Sargent faced major obstacles in acquiring the insights they demanded from their supporter data.

The team was experiencing a significant increase in the number and sophistication of campaigns. Analytics such as regular giver retention rates, supporter journey mapping and geo-demographic data were driving decision making across Fundraising, but these were testing internal systems beyond the limit, causing frequent system freezes and requiring complex workarounds.

Analysis projects took significantly longer than they should, seriously compromising the decision-making process.

The Solution

CLIC Sargent’s Data team researched several software solutions that could potentially deliver improvements to database functionality.

They identified Faststats as the most likely package to improve return on investment, inform strategy and planning and provide a supportercentric model.

CLIC Sargent choose Wood for Trees as their partner because of their track record and reputation with FastStats – as well as a solid existing working relationship through other data projects.

CLIC Sargent’s FastStats build was completed within the required timeframe, with Wood for Trees meeting the full build specification. WfT also provided on-site training, described as ‘excellent’ by the client, maintained daily contact with the Data team and continued to support up to and beyond the live launch.

The Result

Since the introduction of FastStats the Data team has centralised campaign data selections for the whole of Fundraising (previously the team only serviced the Individual Giving team). This has massively improved the consistency and frequency of supporter communications, quadrupling the number of campaigns that the team can output and enabling them to split and significance test segmentation across the board, resulting in improved ROI.

CLIC Sargent used the FastStats Geo module to create specifically targeted marketing around trading activity and event promotion, so expenditure is more efficient, effective and focused.

In terms of analysis the team has produced multiple reports showing key performance indicators using the Excelsior module. These KPIs can be viewed at the click of a button, saving considerable time and effort. This in itself has contributed to improved ROI by identifying certain ineffective segments or key supporter types that were previously invisible to the Data team.

In their own words:

“FastStats has, in this short period of time, dramatically changed how we handle and understand our data.”


Stacey Wood, Fundraising Data Analyst at CLIC Sargent said:

“In short, FastStats is a brilliant tool which is intuitive and has been transformative in the way we work. Wood for Trees are an excellent supplier who were incredibly supportive during the implementation and user acceptance testing phases and continue to be so as we get more confident with the tool”