Big planning decisions become easier to make when you can rely on what your data is telling you, not just about what happened last week, last month, last year, but what will happen next year, or even ten years ahead. A coherent approach to data understanding can reveal patterns that may have always been there, but which were previously obscured by the surrounding noise. At Wood for Trees we have been offering advice, support and consultancy to charities in this way for more than ten years.

We work with all our clients on an ongoing partnership basis to ensure all insight is placed in full context of the organisation’s goals, that the right questions are being asked and that any learnings from previous projects are referred to where relevant. The relationships we build enable this and makes sure that the work we do adds value to the charity. Whether we are offering guidance to the team, or taking on whole projects, our aims are always to ensure the insight is aligned with the charities goals and that the work provides genuine insight.

We work across across projects large and small so whether you are looking to improve performance of your cash programme, or need to understand the key strategies required to deliver fundarasing growth targets, we can help.

We offer improved insights based on better data, including:

  • Fundraising Performance and Strategy
  • Campaign and programme optimisation
  • Supporter Engagement
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Digital analysis and attribution
  • Fundraising Performance and Strategy
  • Service Delivery Impact
  • Marketing Mix Modelling

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