Smooth and streamline incoming data-flows, to save time and money

Most charities acquire data from a wide range of sources, including telesales operations, digital, fundraisers in the field or third-party list brokers. It’s vital that as this supply of information enters a charity’s main fundraising database, the integrity of the data is rigorously monitored and controlled. If not, considerable resources may have to be spent on post-processing to correct multiple issues and errors. Failure to do so may result in incorrect insights, duplicate contacts or worse compliance breach or brand reputation damage.

Blender pre-processes incoming data, to prepare and format it to be consistent and compatible with the charity’s database requirements. The result is more accurate and reliable data, delivered earlier in the processing cycle.

Blender Features

  • Remove problem loads for separate consideration – keeping the main processes up and running
  • Retain the built-in functionality of the host database
  • User Control (not a ‘black box’ solution)
  • Easy and quick to add a new data source
  • Where possible, data pick-up and load is entirely automatic
  • Data manipulation against incoming data feeds, ensures robust and complete data
  • Auto-population of fields not included in source data
  • Data check against integrity/accuracy of incoming data

Blender Benefits

  • Smooth out and streamline data flows - Blender can generate significant savings in processing costs
  • Accurate data - gives you firmer and more reliable foundations for analysis
  • Provides more opportunity to make better planning decisions for your fundraising

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