Smoothing and streamlining incoming data-flows, saving time and money down the line.

Most charities acquire data from a wide range of different sources, including telesales operations, digital, fundraisers in the field and third party list brokers. It’s vital that, as this mass of information enters a charity’s main fundraising database, the integrity of the data is rigorously monitored and controlled, otherwise considerable resources may have to be spent on post-processing to comb out the tangles.

Blender pre-processes incoming data, preparing and formatting it in a way which is consistent and compatible with the charity’s database requirements. The result is more accurate and reliable data, delivered earlier in the processing cycle.

Why is Blender so effective?

  • Removes problem loads for separate consideration – keeping the main processes up and running
  • Retains the built-in functionality of the host database
  • Control stays with the user (not a ‘black box’ solution)
  • Easy and quick to add a new data source
  • Where possible, data pick-up and load is entirely automatic
  • Data manipulation against incoming data feeds, ensuring robust and complete data
  • Auto-population of fields not included in source data
  • Data checks against integrity/accuracy of incoming data

What will Blender do for your overall fundraising performance?

  • By smoothing out and streamlining data flows, Blender can generate significant savings in processing costs further down the line
  • Blender delivers more accurate data, giving you firmer and more reliable foundations for analysis – and ultimately the opportunity to take better business decisions

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