Blender SCV

Ensures timely and relevant targeting, reduces wastage, provides consent validity and a full appreciation of actual supporter behaviour

BlenderSCV forms a central component of entity management and resolution. Where supporter data exists in multiple databases, or silos, both internally and potentially external to the organisation, BlenderSCV can extract the data relating to a form of identifier (e.g. name, address, phone or email) and process it through class leading matching processes. The outcome is the creation of a single master record relating to, and comprising, the content of every input record.

BlenderSCV works with data that is hard to match. Other solutions may match data using a simple match key or component such as an email address, but BlenderSCV considers the true depth of the data and utilises 42 match rules.

In addition, these can be utilised with extended configurations to validate matches even further, to ensure that wide matches like email addresses are backed up by evidence to support the match where the key may be shared across multiple supporters.

Blender SCV Features

  • Looks at both current and historic data, to ensure all systems are up to date
  • All master records are constantly reviewed and updated as new data arrives
  • Extended record groupings or consolidation of existing groups
  • All incoming data is validated to correct data issues, identify internal duplicates and ensure records are robust
  • Data exceptions and errors are reported prior to inclusion to prevent poor quality data affecting the single master record
  • Ambiguous matches are exposed for review and resolution. And, if required treated as a separate record until clarification when they can be rematched and consolidated into a single master
  • Greater involvement and interaction allow data owners and managers to ensure the outcomes reflect their needs, and automation ensures only those records deemed beneficial to review are presented.
  • Suite of reports available for various outcomes
  • Ability to add further data feeds over time
  • The entity resolution process runs at high frequency to ensure multiple mastering updates throughout the day.
  • Integration with MyLife Digital’s Consentric platform allows BlenderSCV to both create and manage supporter consent relating to the entity management process.

Blender SCV Benefits

  • BlenderSCV provides full exposure to, and understanding of, the real picture of supporter behaviour and interaction.
  • A richer experience in the creation and management of single master records.
  • Timely and relevant targeting, reduced wastage, consent validity and a full appreciation of actual supporter behaviour.
  • When used with Consentric by MyLife Digital, this ensures an up to date view of supporter consent across multiple systems and feeds in a single view.

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