Blender SCV

What does BlenderSCV do?

BlenderSCV forms a central component in the role of entity management and resolution. Where a supporter exists in multiple databases or siloes both within and, potentially, external to the organisation, BlenderSCV can extract the data relating to a form of identifier (name, address, phone, email, digital) and process it through class leading matching processes. The outcome is the creation of a single master record relating to and comprising the content of every input record.

Why is BlenderSCV so effective?

BlenderSCV specialises in dealing with data that is hard to match. Where other solutions may match data using simple match keys or components as simple as email address, BlenderSCV considers the true depth of your data and utilises 42 match rules out of the box. In addition, these can be utilised with extended configurations to validate matches even further, ensuring that wide matches like email address are backed up with evidence to support the match where the key may be shared across multiple supporters.

BlenderSCV looks at all your data, both current and historic, to ensure that systems which may be lagging behind on data updates can still be matched to those that are up to date. Furthermore, rematching source records that have been updated with extra information allows for consideration of extended record grouping, or even consolidation of existing groups. This ensures that all master records are constantly reviewed and updated as new data arrives

All incoming data is validated to correct data issues (much as the core Blender product does), identify internal duplicates, and ensure the records used within the mastering process are as robust as they can be. Data exceptions and errors are reported to the user for review and correction prior to their inclusion in the solution and preventing poor quality data affecting the single master record.

Ambiguous matches are also exposed for review and resolution where automated matching processes can’t decide alone on the certainty of a match. Such ambiguities can, if desired, be automatically treated as separate records until such time that further information is presented to the system, at which point the rematching process may then consolidate them into a single master.

This exposure of the data as it flows through the process - and the interaction the users can have with it – sets BlenderSCV apart from the usual black box solutions that tend to make up the entity resolution marketplace. More involvement and interaction allows the data owners and managers to ensure the outcomes reflect their needs, whilst the automation ensures only those records deemed as beneficial to review are presented for review.

Additional interaction comes in the form of a suite of reports, allowing for things like duplicate candidates to be reviewed. Such candidates will not match to their cohort candidates but may highlight where they could if source data were updated or additional bespoke match rules were defined.

Further data feeds over time are easy to add to the solution, and the entity resolution process can run at a high frequency to ensure multiple mastering updates throughout the day. Integration with My Life Digital’s Consentric platform also allows BlenderSCV to both create citizens and update the consents relating to existing citizens as part of the entity management process. This includes reacting to merges and splits in the master data and means an up to date view of supporter consents across multiple contributing systems and feeds can be maintained.

What will Blender SCV add to my organisation’s performance?

BlenderSCV provides full exposure to and understanding of the real picture of supporter behaviour and interaction through the creation of master supporter records in both an automated and interactive manner. The unique exposure of otherwise black box techniques gives a much richer experience in the creation and management of single master records. This, in turn, ensures timely and relevant targeting, reduced wastage, consent validity and a full appreciation of actual supporter behaviour.

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