Apteco FastStats

Explore, interact with your data as never before to create powerful marketing analysis within easy to use interfaces

FastStats is a highly-regarded data exploration and visualisation suite that provides a go-anywhere passport to analysis and marketing insight.

We have decades of experience using FastStats across a range of business sectors. We offer clients, in partnership with Apteco (FastStats creators), unique optimised access to this remarkable toolkit. But, we don’t just hand you FastStats and let you get on with it: we mentor and support you, adding value by making sure the installation is right for you, and help you to develop in-house Faststats skills.

FastStats Features

  • FastStats, through its principal interface module Discoverer, allows you to:
  • Understand customer and prospect behaviour
  • Undertake speedy analysis of large datasets
  • Create robust and repeatable marketing processes using inbuilt tools
    • including selections, cubes, trees, charts, venns and data grids
  • Build powerful visualisations for immediate insight
  • Manage campaigns more effectively, with rapid access to latest status
  • Follow and exploit your natural train of thought
  • Run the analyses you need direct from your desktop
  • Export to PDF and others, compatible with intuitive Windows interface for Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Drag and Drop with easy to use interface for quick configuration
  • Create analyses you need with wizard-driven processes, including:
    • Transaction and basket analysi
    • Data aggregation
    • Geographic analysis
    • New variable creation
    • Digital marketing

FastStats Benefits

  • Supporter and transaction information can be quickly understood
  • Robust and repeatable marketing processes can be created
  • Accurate targeting and supporter journey insight for campaign audience segments
  • Measure, analyse and report on campaign responses
  • Access to data outside of the IT department
  • Fast analysis of large datasets
  • Share the insights you uncover with others using great graphics
  • Easy to use for users of all levels

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