Alex Henderson reaches a Wood for Trees milestone

AlexH_RGBgrey_300This month Wood for Trees is delighted to congratulate Alex Henderson, as he reaches the milestone of ten years with the company.

Alex joined Wood for Trees in the very early days, when we were based in Hartham Park outside Corsham, and where many of the foundations for the organisation that we’ve grown into today were laid down.

He joined us as a SQL developer. However, the fact that he’s also a trained electrician wasn’t lost on us and soon proved its worth as he was also responsible for setting up our early infrastructure – servers, networks, telephones, desks… In fact after a year or so there were few jobs that Alex hadn’t turned his hand to.

Despite these distractions Alex’s skills at his ‘proper job’ have always shone a bright light forward. He’s been instrumental in developing our data management processes, our FastStats pipelines and our Single Supporter View integrations – indeed, without Alex it would have been far harder to make any of the breakthroughs we have achieved in analytics, client service and solutions delivery.

Alongside the invaluable mix of highly-developed technical and handyman skills, Alex has managed to find time to pluck a rather funky bass guitar, play centerback on the sports field and be a (somewhat unlikely) cox on the water. He loves ping pong, McDonalds and Love Island in equal measure – but not at the same time (as far as we know). He unfailingly sets the sartorial tone for the office – shorts in winter, allegedly so as to impress clients – and will regale his workmates with an uplifting Christmas song at absolutely any time of year.

Alex is loved throughout the company and beyond, for his awesome SQL developer skills, his generosity of time and spirit with all his friends and colleagues and his thoughtful approach to life – in short, for being one of the Good Guys. The SQL coding workshops he sometimes runs for clients are a case in point: “Alex won’t relish the build-up to them but then performs really well on the day and the clients love it!” Another of his team buddies went so far as to paraphrase Isaac Newton: “WfT’s analysts have been able to SQL further than other analysts because they have stood on the shoulders of this giant!”. In the recent company blog by intern Jarrod Salmons, Alex was singled out as providing crucial guidance and support during a graduate joiner’s early days in analytics.

Thank you Alex, and here’s to the next decade!